Dankus’ channel is a project that shows we can deliver for both new and already established content creators. With a sizable viewer base that came with an expected style, our goal for Dankus was to first adapt to his channel and then improve upon its structure.

With a significant change in thumbnails, titles, editing and frequencies of uploads, we have been able to expand Dankus's outreach in the HOI4 community. We were hired by Dankus in April of 2022, since then the average viewership of his recently released videos has gone from a little less than 60k viewers per video to now 120k viewers per video.

Dankus has been consistent in recognizing our contributions on innovating his content. We have a lot planned for continuing this progress, some of which will be ideas and events never before introduced to the HOI4 community.

With Dankus being one of the best HOI4 players and our exciting new prospects, we are confident Dankus Memecus will grow into one of the biggest HOI4 channels on Youtube.

Made with love 🧡