The right ducks for
the job.

Our flock of editors will focus on the heavy lifting while you focus on the content that your viewers crave. Your NEW team will pick up the work that weighs you down the most.

Editing. Management. Analytics.
These bois will make you ducking famous!

Let's get to work!
What we offer
  • A complete package deal of editors and graphic designers
  • A creative team to bounce ideas and brainstorm for your channel's growth
  • Take care of your responsibilities, be it emails, sponsorships or other kind of management
  • Manage your Youtube channel through growth and analytics
  • Reliable editors who will integrate into your community to connect with your audience
  • Help you with Patreon, Discord, Twitch and other community engagement
Our Achievements

We've been around...

We grew the TommyKay Youtube Channel from scratch, going from 0 to 482k subs currently.

We fully organized the HOI4 International. A tournament with a $5,000 prize pool and 15k live viewers.

We share 286,869,773 views across all our managed channels.

We doubled the average viewership of the Dankus Memecus channel from 60k to 120k average viewers.

And we're confident we can do the same for you.

Creators we work with

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