Our amigo, DiscardPixel, is a rising star in the HOI4 community. He exemplifies the work ethic and the commitment we look for when choosing a partner.

These qualities and the nature of Discard's content give us the creative freedom to shine at our best and build up a channel from the ground up.

In the last few months, together with Discard, we have grown the channel immensely. From 700 subscribers in June of 2022 to 23,000 in March of 2023, these numbers do not come easy.

As every Youtuber knows, the hardest part of starting a channel is the first few thousand subscribers.

To achieve this, our editors have poured everything they could into making this happen. This is why the DiscardPixel success story exhibits the best DTS has to offer.

Right now, Discard's channel is doing amazing and is on the cusp of something great. Youtube's oversaturated market means, though, that great content and excellent work ethic doesn't automatically equal success. Every advantage helps stack the deck, and that's why a service like ours is so critical to content creators. Providing close attention to analytics, better thumbnails, professional editing, and likely most important of all, helping avoid burnout.

Made with love 🧡