We took over Tommy’s Youtube channel before it went public, and from 0 subs to almost 500k, we have been with Tommy the entire way. Tommy gave us our first work, and in a lot of ways we helped make sure its been his career.

Now as one of the biggest Hearts of Iron 4 streamers, Duck Taped Studios has also expanded the TommyKay brand into several other Youtube channels, for different types of content.

We manage all of this for Tommy, who only needs to make the content while his channels continue to see daily uploads on his behalf. Expanding into Youtube had a massive impact on Tommy’s rise, delivering him new viewers to his Twitch and more revenue from his content.

Overall Tommy has been very happy with our continued partnership which has, as of this writing, reached 243,674,709 million views across all of his channels and fully allowed him to focus on what he does best, creating amazing content for his viewers.

Managed Channels

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